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Embroidery Machine help at your finger tips

How many times do you go to Embroider, then get an Embroidery problem that no handbook can help you solve?



Now you don't have to worry this web site is designed to help people with Embroidery issues get them solved.

Fix embroidery machine yourself for free.embroidery help

This page will explain in "lamens terms" how to fix machine embroidery problems without the need of an engineer.

Don't be afraid to ask about a problem you may have.

You can do it anonymously and an answer to your question will be posted on here swiftly


Your Machine Embroidery Questions

Q: Needle wont take under bobbin thread

A: Check upper and lower bobbin is threaded properly, rethread and try again. If problem persists clean under bobbin casing, if no joy possible sensor fault, it can be disabled but will void warranty.

Q: The needle keeps breaking

A: The needle might be bent or blunt, Another problem is that the needle clamp may be loose, The needle is incorrectly installed but i think this is very unlikely but it is always best to check. The upper thread tension is to tight try readjusting the tension,The spool is incorrectly installed, The area around the hole on the plate itself is scratched or as a burr on it, The bobbin case is damaged or using the wrong bobbin for the machine

Q: The upper thread keeps breaking

A: There are knots or tangles in the thread

The upper thread tension is to tight

The needle is bent or blunt in some cases these are bought not realizing that they are bent

This should solve most thread breaking issues.

Q: The lower thread is tangled or may even break

A: The bobbin thread is incorrectly installed, The bobbin is scratched or wont rotate properly, The thread is tangled.

Q: What would cause my bobbin thread to show when I am stitching a design?

A: Try changing your needle, the needle your using may be blunt or the bobbin tension is too loose

Q: My Metallic Thread keeps breaking

A: Slow your machine down to the slowest setting the slower the better when dealing with metallic thread, Plus you will have to use a metallic needle

Q: An high pitch noise is made while embroidering

A: Dust or dirt as over time as accumulated in the bobbin case, You could even be using the wrong bobbin. A machine making noise is an alarm to say something wrong.

Q: Stitches keep skipping

A: The upper thread probably is not threaded properly rethread and try again, The needle is blunt, Dust or dirt has accumulated in the bobbin case just in case out a nd give a general clean.

Q: The stitch is not sewing correctly

A: The thread tension is probably set to high reset thread tension and try again, The thread is tangled in the bobbin,

Q: Embroidery is not neatly done

A: The fabric you are using is not stretched in the embroidery frame and the fabric may be to loose, Not using the right or even enough backing paper or none at all, The thread tension may be set wrong for the fabric you are using, The fabric is catching, The fabric is an heavy material and is hanging down over the bench.

Q:What stabilizer do i use for towels?

.A: You can get dissolve away topping ie: water soluble that lays on top of the towel as well as a stabilizer that goes under the towel, so when you embroider the design you just run it under water and it washes away.it makes the design look really crisp this is also good for patches, flannels etc

A: fusible cut away stabilizer this works really well on t-shirts.



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